Tenders open for maritime construction and asset maintenance contracts

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has released several tenders for the maintenance of aids to navigation, including iconic lighthouses, marine buoys and other facilities across Australia.

Businesses specialising in building, construction and asset maintenance services are encouraged to participate in the tender process for these new government contracts, currently accessible on AusTender.

Under the AMSA’s new regional model for service delivery, these contracts cover specific groupings of aids to navigation across eight regions. In contrast to the AMSA’s previous and current national maintenance contract, scheduled to conclude 30 June 2024, the new contracts are more streamlined in scope and shorter in duration. Additionally, successful contract holders will benefit from substantial support provided by AMSA’s in-house expertise.

AMSA executive director response Mark Morrow said the regionalisation and rescoping of this important work meant that more businesses would now be able to tender for it than was previously possible under a single national contract.

“This is an exciting opportunity for more businesses to expand the experience and skillset of their workforces, and more support,” said Morrow. “We are strongly encouraging interested businesses to view the tender packages on AusTender under the building and construction category or contact our procurement team directly for more information – their contact details are listed on AusTender.”

“AMSA has a rich history of maintaining the safety of aids to navigation through in-house technical expertise and specialist contractors, and we remain committed to providing a resilient and reliable network that best suits Australia’s needs well into the future.”

The regional maintenance contracts are specifically for the Torres Strait, North Queensland, South Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania (combined region), and Western Australian regions as prescribed in AMSA’s regional model for maintenance delivery.

In addition to the maintenance tenders, AMSA has also released a separate tender for the preservation and logistical management of hundreds of heritage maritime artefacts, ranging from original lighthouse lenses to ship models and lighthouse blueprints. The tender, accessible on AusTender, invites businesses to provide services such as warehousing and storage, logistical services for specialised freight, stocktaking and remediation.

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Tenders open for maritime construction and asset maintenance contracts
The Flagstaff Point Lighthouse lens. (Image: Australian Maritime Safety Authority)

“It’s the first time such opportunity presented itself,” said Morrow. “These artefacts are integral to Australia’s maritime history, and their ongoing preservation is crucial for safeguarding our maritime heritage for future generations.”

“They physically embody the passage of time and technological development in our country’s rich maritime history, and for communities around Australia – particularly those of our former lighthouse keepers – they are also important keepsakes for memory and storytelling purposes.”

Interested businesses are encouraged to submit tenders for one or multiple contracts through AusTender or reach out directly to AMSA’s procurement team.

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